fashion revolution: STREETshopping through Neukölln & Prenzlauer Berg-Wedding with Alice Fassina | barbara caveng | Jan Markowsky | KDindie | Stella Cristofolini | assisted by Aïcha Abadi & Lina Tegtmeyer | photographed by Paolo Gallo


fashion revolution in the Bermuda Triangle

STREETshopping mit Jan & barbara


He asks for capri pants or Bermuda shorts.
At Reuterplatz hardly anything reminds of the sandy beaches of the island kingdoms.

The technical term for the leg length of leisure pants is in discrepancy with the reality of life of the folks who gather around the jammed kiosk. Vodka is not sipped with a colorful straw. No parasol adorns life.

STREETshoppingStephan opts for the red and black checkered lumberjack shirt, Martin for the gray hoodie with turquoise zipper. Michael's wish for pants with leg room goes on the list. A woman registers her need for light-weight leggings, i.e. ones with a 30-40 denier knit.

fashion revolutionJan steers our mobile STREETWARE clothing store along the life on the street through the neighborhood - the goods, washed and draped on the clothes rack, find their customers. The laundry lines don't stay free for long, but fill up with new, old clothes - rags that we lift from the gutter or pick up from the asphalt.

By the time we left at 12:30, Stella and Alice's tour had long since taken the two ragpickers from Prenzl.Berg to Wedding.

In the course of the day, KDindie and I would let the wheels of the clotheshorse pirouette over the question of the normative of gender-defined clothing, and Alice would stroll with guests on the trail of sustainable green fashion through the wonderland of Kreuzkölln.


STREETshopping with Stella & Alice

from Prenlauer Berg to Wedding and Stella rolls back on her own

Saturday morning at 9.oo Prenzlauer Berg has a rural atmosphere. The sun is shining, there is silence, the streets are tidy. The STREETWARE we find mainly neatly folded and freshly washed in "to give away" boxes, thus not really what we are looking for. In consumerist Prenzlauer Berg, this kind of circular economy has become established... but even in GDR times, containers were regularly set up here, into which all residents could put things they no longer needed - or take them out.

Heading for Wedding it gets wilder and wilder, we find all kinds of clothes on the street, wigs, socks, unicorn hats, printed and labeled t-shirts ("Now-Here" and "be reasonable- demand the impossible").... 4 hours later, I roll back to Prenzlauer Berg with a fully loaded clothes horse. On the way there were many nice encounters and conversations with people on the street, and some clothes I got rid of directly....


STREETshopping mit KDindie & barbara

degendering fashion - an experiment on your own body


Strolling, rolling, hopping through the streets of Berlin with challenges fast fashion won’t have been more fun during fashion revolution week. The gender bender walk talk with barbara caveng took us Kdindie out of the comfort zone…really?! Yes, because didn’t want to dress that female dress…but in the end realized was just a male stress. What are we looking for? The i-dentity, the eye contact, the perception of others about us. What to wear, an item or the i-them? The only item Berlin streets has given me that day was a toiletry bag with a teddy bear printed on acid green that matched perfectly with the long sleeve shirt. Street shopping happy kid 😉 

 (englischer Originaltext)


Schlendern, rollen, hüpfen durch die Straßen Berlins mit challenges fast fashion hätte während der Fashion Revolution Week kein größerer Spaß sein können. Der Gender-Bender-Walk-Talk mit barbara caveng hat uns, KDindie aus der Komfortzone geholt…wirklich?! Ja, weil wir das weibliche Kleid nicht anziehen wollten…aber am Ende wurde klar, dass es nur ein männlicher Stress war. Wonach suchen wir? Die Ich-Identität, den Blickkontakt, die Fremdwahrnehmung . Was anziehen, ein ‚Item‘, einen Gegenstand oder geht es um das  ‚I-Them‘ , das ‚Ich – sie‘ ? Der einzige Gegenstand, den mir Berlins Straßen an diesem Tag geschenkt haben, war ein Kulturbeutel mit einem Teddybär, der auf säuregrünem Grund gedruckt war und perfekt zum Langarmshirt passte.
Street Shopping happy kid 😉



I think the woman on the picture looks cool - standing there in purple gym shorts with a slight flare, the colour a reminiscence of the militant demands of the feminists of the second wave - back in the 80s. Mickey Mouse grins on her chest, more naive than ironic, far from any Bay-Watch-eroticism, a cap with gold embroidery - club aesthetics of the 90s. Be childlike, let's play. The woman's gaze falls through the rose-tinted lenses of her sunglasses onto the back of a body bent over in front. The pose associates butt sex. The woman rests her left forearm on the clothes rack - the rolling STREETWARE wardrobe, hybrid STREETshopping vehicle through the neighbourhood, public branch of private wardrobe.  

Her posture seems bossy, dominant. The pants, a classic pair of boxer shorts, bulge over hermound of Venus, on the genital-emphasising centre seam, a lettering is applied: HIGH PERFORMANCE. The underwear model comes from the STREETWARE collection of patriarchal-toxic pants.

The woman is me, wearing the clothes previously worn by KDindie, my colleague and dance-creating performer, on our STREETshopping tour, degendering fashion'. The pants I had carried in my handbag. Just in case.

We had turned a discarded sofa in the streets of Neukölln into a stage and swapped clothes in a playful strip. I had felt uncomfortable. I could no longer feel my body, I had lost the image and imagination of myself.

I think the person in the photo is cool. Is it a woman? Is it me?


Today, May 2, while running in the morning I undressed a lamppost in Allerstraße/ corner Lichtenradener.
The red turned out to be two suits, rompers for adults, with unbuttonable back, one L , one M.
Urban Degendered Outfit for our next performance....

STREETshopping with Alice 

green fashion with Andrea, Massimiliano, Marina 
sketched by Lina

Made in Berlin nicht in Bangladesh, slow statt fast, zeitloses Design, welches nicht dem Wandel der Jahreszeiten unterliegt.
Alice kennt die die Labels und Ateliers in Neukölln und Kreuzberg, die solchen Grundsätzen in ihrer Modeproduktion folgen und führt ihre Gäst:innen Andrea, Massimiliano und Marina zu C/V Corvera Vargas and Kollateralschaden.

Our step-along researcher Dr. Lina Tegtmeyer sketches the tour.

In ccoperation with greenfashion tours.



Fashion Revolution was founded in the wake of the Rana Plaza disaster in 2013 and it has become the world’s largest fashion activism movement, mobilising citizens, industry and policymakers through our research, education and advocacy work.

Fashion Revolution Week happens every year in the week coinciding with 24th April, the anniversary of the Rana Plaza disaster in Bangladesh. The Rana Plaza building housed a number of garment factories, employing around 5,000 people. The people in this building were manufacturing clothing for many of the biggest global fashion brands. The building collapsed and killed 1,134 people and injured more than 2,500 others, making it the fourth largest industrial disaster in history. The victims were mostly young women. During Fashion Revolution Week, we remember the lives lost and demand that no one should die for fashion. It is the time when we come together as a global community to create a better fashion industry. 

Streets are the places of revolution: steps on asphalt give sound to political manifestos. Decisions are forced by silent marches, fists are clenched to chanted slogans. We understand  fashion revolution  revolution as the challenge of not only reviewing our habitual thought patterns, production methods and consumer behaviour, but also of radically changing them. 
On Saturday, 4/24/2021 we were the guides at the clothes horse for
 STREET shopping - Alice & Stella, KDindie, Jan & barbara set their own tour focuses: Jan rolls along a life on the street, Alice maneuvers the clotheshorse at the intersection of consumption and sustainability in search of green fashion, barbara and KDindie follow the traces of [gender]itdentity in the urban and Stella is interested in objects she finds without having looked for them.