Lorenzo Francesconi


Luxury Society:
That society that produces Culture, Wellness, Wealth, Progress, Profit …
That society where one has the privilege of being bored, the good fortune of growing old.
That society where a mischievous glance is considered a nuisance.
Poor Society:
That society that is exploited, culture is lost in folklore, freedom is an utopia and wealth is in the hands of a corrupt few who sell off to the highest bidder.
That society where there is no running water, where tomorrow is uncertain.
That society where even rape is tolerated.

Luxury Society brings you to consciousness. To understand that space is just a sound; space/time is a distortion created by the decoding of signs.
Poor Society is enslaved by the Luxury Society. It has no time or opportunity for scientific/philosophical reflections, it feels hunger.

This is why I chose this photo, of a hat eating another, and I decided to summarize these concepts in this brief linguistic sign:

„Space and time do not exist. Hunger does.“

La Società di serie A:
Quella società che produce Cultura, Benessere, Ricchezza, Progresso, Profitto…
Quella società dove si ha il privilegio di annoiarsi, la fortuna di invecchiare.
Quella società dove un’occhiata maliziosa è considerata una molestia.
La società di serie B:
Quella società che viene sfruttata, la Cultura si perde nel folklore, la libertà è una chimera e la ricchezza è in mano a pochi corrotti che svendono al miglior offerente.
Quella società dove manca l’acqua corrente, dove il domani è incerto.
Quella società dove persino lo stupro è tollerato.

La società di serie A ti porta alla consapevolezza. A capire che lo spazio è solo un suono; lo spazio/tempo è una distorsione creata dalla decodifica di segni.
La società di serie B è schiavizzata dalla prima. Non ha tempo nè opportunità per riflessioni scientifico/filosofiche, ha fame.

Per questo ho scelto questa foto, di un cappello che ne mangia un altro, ed ho deciso di riassumere questi concetti in questo breve segno linguistico:

„Lo spazio ed il tempo non esistono. La fame sì.“

Original text in italian, english translation by the author 

'The first true storyteller is, and will continue to be, the teller of fairy tales. ... always the art of repeating stories, and this art is lost when the stories are no longer retained' Walter Benjamin

From 21 to 22 February, eight performers spent 24 hours digging through a textonic landscape of 45 m³ of old clothes from planetary dwellers.

Their own bodies were wrapped and deformed by new and old, used or even still labelled pieces, whose value was already decaying in the hours of the creation & production process under the hands of the sewers. The prospectors infiltrated dunes of down jackets, excavated pits and penetrated the penetrating the innermost of materiality. No safe footing was possible. From the pile of clothes, they gazed out on the discarded landscape of Anthropozaen.
What stories and thoughts did they uncover? What can be explored, read and told of the discarded clothing that is contemporary civilisational history.

On 27 February, we invited chroniclers and word-finders to write down their thoughts on the textonic landscape of the BHROX bauhaus reuse as poems, essays, novellas or notes. We publish the texts in loose series.
Lorenzo lorenzo had the technical night shift during our 24-hours-performance. He got insoired by two caps.