STREETWARE saved item - Berlin's most sustainable fashion label launched its first pop up flagship store in Berlin Neukölln at May 30, 2021.

At gallery Walden you found a spectacular selection of garments from the streets of Neukölln – stone-washed jeans by Acne, preloved sweatpants by G-Star Raw, knitted jumpers by Dolce&Gabbana or the little black dress by Dior – all presented in the most dazzling way possible in an impressive installation that unites white cube and tarmac: the Walden Gallery is transformed into a debate forum for global socio-ecological, economic and aesthetical issues. STREETWARE saved item explores the culture of "discarded clothing" regarding its social significance: The catwalk will shed light on consumption, production methods and identity.
We invited all urban people and Homini Circularis to our Dressery to try on our latest collection! Your slogan still remains the same: How about borrowing something? It's the new marketing concept, the modern way of shopping!


Become an influencer with us and join our movement for a wearable future: Degender and decolonise your style!