EDIth – Zeitschrift für Kultur [magazine for culture]


The Galerie Walden 'organized and realized the>EDITh< series with wall and shop window newspapers, in order to remain able to act in times of a global catastrophe. The final print edition is, so to speak, the haptic result of the series.' STREETWARE saved item is honored with a contribution about the 'Dresserie', the flag ship pop up store in the gallery space, where we invited urban people and Homini Circularis to a fitting! From 5/30/2021 to 6/30/2021 was our slogan:  'How about borrowing something? It's the new marketing concept, the modern way of shopping!'  
The magazine can be ordered via e-mail to info[at]galerie-walden.de for 9 € + shipping costs.