Wir verwandeln Fetzen in Kultur! Performance im Marta Herford

the turn rags into culture! Performance at Marta Herford

the turn rags into culture! Performance at Marta Herford

A sign against war- Alice Fassina | Annelie Wörpel | Céline Iffli-Naumann & KDindie  ©Paolo Gallo |26.09.2022 Marta Herford
'Awarded Ideas' STREETWARE saved item was awarded the special prize at the 2022 Recycling Design Award for its Berlin-famous MHLD - Multifunctional Hybrid Laundro Drive. The annual prize is organized by the Recycling Boerse Herford. The juried exhibition 'Excellent Ideas', curated this year by Oliver Schübbe, took place at Museum Marta Herford.
On September 24, Alice Fassina, KDindie, Céline Iffli Naumann, and Annelie Wörpel transformed Berlin rags into culture at the Lange Kultur Nacht and entered into dialogue with the artworks of the museum collection.
They transform rags into culture: Alice Fassina | Annelie Wörpel | Céline Iffli-Naumann | KDindie | ©Paolo Gallo 
The public was invited to be inspired by the spirit of the saved items up close. 
A few days later, a museum visitor described to us how she experiences the comfort and the efficacy of our circle fashion:.
'I was at the performance at Marta Herford and wanted to write to you that I found your presence and project very impressive! I also discovered and purchased two garments from you and now proudly wear your logo on my new blazer. Your performance has had an after effect on me, as I consider this garment a piece of your performance and thus carry my experience (i.e., the experience I had with you that evening) with me. I also wondered: who might have worn this garment in the past? And has it been lost? Has it disappeared? Or was it intentionally thrown away? Is it perhaps a piece of evidence? And is there perhaps a bad event behind this garment?

Then it struck me that these questions should arise in the same way when you look at clothes in the stores. There it is even more likely that there is a criminal atrocity and suffering behind the clothes' production.

Who are the human beings who made these clothes?"

Wir freuen uns über die Gedanken von Annemarie und laden alle euch alle ein

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