Wouldn’t it be good to be a STREETWARE model not only for one day!

Wouldn’t it be good to be a STREETWARE model not only for one day!

Marlene Sommer  & Annelie Wörpel fotografiert von Anja Grabert | Berlin 2021

Also this year STREETWARE is in the program studio2retail of this years Berlin fashion week!

Join us on March 15 and 16 at the ‚VESTITHEK‘ and let our professional stylist advise and style you with ever lasting sustainable effect!

Questionable ideals of beauty and aesthetics dictated by the fashion industry will be put up for debate. To set new standards in the context of Fashion Week Berlin, every model, dressed up in STREETWARE Outifts goes beyond any normative concepts and demonstrates what beauty really means.
The sustainable-creative ambience of the model project ‚House of Statistics‘ provides the appropriate backdrop for individual fashion photo shoots, in which the unique charisma of the models is captured by the camera of our professional photographer*!


STREETWARE saved item revolutionizes Berlin Fashion Week! Berlin's most sustainable fashion label challenges fast fashion to contribute to sustainable fashion standards, fair production methods and decolonized lifestyles in a diversity look.

The focus will be on fashion creations that offer a bunch of curiosities. Because STREETWARE believes in the spirit of discarded rags, the participatory art project draws its material directly from the tarmac of Neukölln: in the streets of Berlin, pullovers, joggers and the like cover the surfaces from the gutter to the front door. STREETWARE examines the culture of stripped clothing for its social significance - what does it say about our consumption, our way of life, our identity?

We invite the curious, the urban, and homini circularis to become a STREETWARE model not only for one day! 
Join us and become an influencer for a better future: ecologize, decolonize and degender your style!


Das Ensemble ‚Catwalk zur sozial-ökonomischen Utopie‘ fotografiert von Paolo Galllo | Berlin 2021