Aïcha Abbadi

KW 16



 „I was always attracted by that box of costumes, carnival costumes.

And most of the time my choice was actually for the princess costumes,
with these beautiful embroideries and shining colours.

[…] we didn’t have the mirror in that school during that playground hour.

[…] It was this sense of beauty of the flowing from my waist down to the ground.

[…] how I could change my shape by moving with that costume.

[…] Maybe I was still keeping the trousers underneath.

[…] I think we were not allowed to undress totally.“


„Paar Leute wollen oft nur Schwarz tragen. Ich war aber immer eher ein Freund von heller Kleidung.
[…] Einmal habe ich ein weißes, noch eingeschweißtes Hemd von der Kleiderkammer bekommen – weil ich immer sauber bleibe – das haben nicht alle bekommen.
[…] Dann habe ich aber versehentlich einmal Erbsensuppe über die helle Kleidung gekippt.“



„I pick only things in the right size. Things that match my gender, practical items I can wear on a bike.
[…] The first item I found were very comfortable trousers/sweats – my favourite, long, grey, – very German!
I wear them all the time. How it feels is important. But I would never otherwise have chosen them in a shop.
[…] When I wear them I turn into a grey person.“



 „Nach einer Performance ziehe ich diese grauen Stricksachen an. Um wieder zurück zu mir selbst zu finden.“


„I was missing something to black the outfit

[…] Now I feel comfortable. With the black and white over it.“


„I didn’t understand myself in that Mickey Mouse T-shirt.“