We look forward to receiving submissions in the form of both text and picture or drawings from poets and chroniclers who retrace their own lives – from people who enjoy writing and would like to publish their thoughts on a piece of clothing or their textile observations on our website.

From nappies to shroud –

Clothes accompany us through all stages of life – they characterise those who wear them as trendsetters or fashionistas, as individualists or mainstream enthusiasts. They embellish the everyday and celebrate the extraordinary, they camouflage and construct an image.

Fabric sheaths caress the body and dress our ideas. Hipsters watch the world out of their skinny jeans through heavy glasses. Black turtlenecks, once worn by eagerly debating existentialists, have become the favourite garment of turbo-capitalists, while hoodies are considered a textile statement of anti-fascist ideology. The yawning attitude gap between Kik and Organic Textile could hardly be more blatant.

A towel turban draped over wet hair after a bath is nowadays interpreted as a sign of cultural appropriation.

Clothing protects us from nudity and reveals the Self -
Perception lures the audience into a trap – off to collect more votes in a cardigan, are you?

Bohemian, business, boho, casual, cargo, cocktail, ethno, elegant, hippie, festive or folkloric – the new sporty-urban look boosts our self-image amid a pandemic-induced paralysis. The sofa obstacle course is thus best mastered in a pair of elasticated jersey trousers. A satined influencer on Instagram, Narcissus claims social authority over depressed mindsets.

Sweat, perfume, bodily fluids: Fabrics store emotions. A t-shirt smells of love, a sweater of lost aspirations vanished with the smoke of a cigarette.

Clothes are the fabric history is made of.

We invite you to freely choose the literary format of your submission. The texts will be published at fabric sample  . Feel free to send a drawing or a photo of the described garment to


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